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08/01/2024 ​​​​​​​Our History

The National Administration of the Port of Montevideo (ANPM, for its acronym in Spanish) was created on July 21, 1916, as the highest port authority in Uruguay, by Law No. 5495 (Article 11).

The law established among its roles the provision of all services of direct loading and unloading, removal and transport of goods, services of ferriage, towing, and any commercial operation inside or outside the port, salvage, granting permits to port services companies, building works necessary for carrying out any land or maritime services within its scope.

In the early 1930s, the ANPM expanded its role by incorporating all national ports under its institutional orbit.

On April 25, 1933, by Decree-Law No. 8988, the National Ports Administration (ANP) was established to replace the ANPM and the Financial Commission of the Port of Montevideo Works. On May 3 of the same year, the Management of the Port of Montevideo was incorporated into the ANP.

On March 30, 1944, the cornerstone for the construction of its Headquarters Building was laid on the property delimited by the streets 25 de Agosto, Guaraní, Piedras and Maciel, and it was inaugurated in 1949.

Law No. 5495 of 1916 was amended by the Ports Law No. 16.246, of 1992, which defined the ANP as a decentralized public body within the commercial and industrial domain of the State, in coordination with the Ministry of Transport and Public Works. This legal instrument changed the national ports regime, conferring on the ANP the responsibility to enforce it, encouraging the decentralization of national ports, coordinating their activities, and making sure that services are provided based on a free competition regime.

In 2021, pursuant to Law No. 19.889, of July 9, 2020, the Executive Branch issued a decree that transferred the following marinas to the orbit of ANP: Yacht Port of Colonia, Carmelo Yacht Berth, and the Port of Piriápolis. 

ANP Photographic Archive

The historical photographs that appear in the gallery belong to the ANP Photographic Archive, generated since the creation of the institution in 1916. It is currently under the protection and management of the Research and Documentary Heritage Unit (UIPD, for its acronym in Spanish).

It is made up of approximately 15,000 photographs in various media and formats. These have been taken, for the most part, by professional photographers that are officials of the institution, and record various events, people, tools, and ways of working that showcase the transformation and development that the ANP has had from its beginnings to the present day



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