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General Information

The Port of Fray Bentos is located in the city with the same name, on the left bank of the Uruguay river, 317 km from Montevideo. 

This port is 92 km from Nueva Palmira (km 0 of the Paraná-Paraguay Waterway) and between 385 and 560 km from Montevideo, depending on whether the Martín García Channel or the Paraná Mitre Channel is used.

Its excellent geographical location is further enhanced by its road accessibility. Road access is possible via Route 2 to the south of the country, which in turn connects to Route 24 an the latter to Routes 20 and 25, the backbones of timber transport.

Two railway branches, which pass through forest production areas, reach the end of both docks.

The aerodorome is 14 km from the port. The port also counts on regular passenger transport services by road.

The port is close to Fray Bentos-Puerto Unzué international bridge, which enables the shortest connection between Montevideo and Buenos Aires, as well as facilitates the interconnection of cargo between Uruguay and the agricultural and industrial area of the Argentine coast, wetward with Chile and eastward with Rio Grande do Sul in Brazil.


Port of Fray Bentos

Address: Ruta Puente - Puerto - Recinto Portuario - Fray Bentos

Telephone: (+598) 4562 8395
Last updated: 05/10/2024