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General Information

The potential of the Port of Paysandú is really significant due to its privileged location on the Uruguay River Waterway, which enables the connection with the Paraguay-Paraná Waterway and the Central Bioceanic Corridor. Indeed, the market associated with the Corridor, together with local production, can boost and develop the competitiveness of the coastal ports' traffic due to the increase in the flow of transported goods.

Moreover, in the context of the development of the Uruguay River Waterway, investments have been made in infrastructure and equipment in order to equip the port with the necessary tools to attract potential cargo.

Sugar and barley have been the main bulk products passed through the Port of Paysandú, in a fluvial combination with the Paraguay-Paraná Waterway. The port terminal transports bulk cargo—soybean, malt, raw barley, among others—on connecting barges bound for Nueva Palmira and Fray Bentos. The company Azucarlito imports raw sugar in barges to be refined for final consumption, using ANP's Liebherr crane and hoppers.

The company Indre S.A. owns two regulators (suction dredges) used to extract sand and pebbles from the riverbed for the construction industry.

The Port of Paysandú may pose a growth opportunity for the productive and service sectors, as well as contribute to the creation of direct and indirect jobs associated with river transport and the ports managed by ANP.


Port of Paysandú

Address: Pte. Viera y Av. Brasil Paysandú

Telephone: (+598) 4722 3248
Last updated: 04/18/2024