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General Information

Located at kilometer zero of the Paraná-Paraguay Waterway, it is the second Uruguayan port in terms of volume of operations.

Since its creation, it has played a key role in the navigation of South American inland rivers and in the connection with the bioceanic corridors that intertwine the Atlantic and Pacific coasts. It is the most suitable port for loading and unloading solid bulk, barley, cereals, cellulose, solid and liquid fertilizer, etc.

It comprises, as a whole, the port managed by the National Ports Administration, the terminal and private port of Corporación Navíos S.A., located immediately adjacent downstream, and the terminal of Ontur S.A., located to the north, both acting under the same regime of Zona Franca de Nueva Palmira (free trade zone).




Port of Nueva Palmira

Address: Ruta 12 Km 0-Nueva Palmira

Telephone: (+598) 4544 6102
Last updated: 05/10/2024